Stephanie Wassenburg

Postdoctoral Researcher

Human-Computer Interaction Institute
School of Computer Science

Carnegie Mellon University

Psychology, Education, and Child Studies
School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Erasmus University Rotterdam


Under review / in revision

Pouw, W.**, Wassenburg, S. I.**, de Koning, B. B., Hostetter, A., & Paas, F. (under review). Does gesture strengthen sensorimotor knowledge of objects? The case of the size-weight illusion.
**Shared first authorship
Preprint PDF PsyArxiv doi: 10.17605/OSF.IO/SVHMR 


de Koning, B. B., Wassenburg, S. I.,  Ganushchak, L., Krijnen, E., & van Steensel, R. (2018). Vraag maar raak! Effecten van ingebouwde inferentievragen in prentenboeken op ouder-kindinteracties en verhaalbegrip [Just ask! Effects of built-in inference questions in picture books on parent-child interactions and narrative comprehension]. Amsterdam: Stichting Lezen. Link to pdf

Wassenburg, S. I., de Koning, B. B., & van der Schoot, M. (2018). In which direction to move? Facilitative and interference effects of gestures on problem solver’s thinking. Journal of Cognitive Psychology, 30(3), 307-131


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